Organization of People in Struggle

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OPL, Organisation du Peuple en Lutte, Òganizasyon Pèp k’ap lite is the Struggling People’s Organization. The party was founded in 1991 during the years of the military regime of General Raoul Cedras (1991-1994). OPL’s foundation sprang from many years of struggle of the Haitian people for a better life, democracy and true justice for all. Its initial name of Organisation Politique Lavalas was changed in June 1999 to Organization du Peuple en Lutte as the party grew apart from President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his lavalas movement.

OPL is one of the rarest, if not the only organization in Haiti’s political landscape that follows and practices true democratic principles by choosing its leaders through democratically held elections. Rejecting the one-man power, the Party is a strong advocate for collective leadership from the bottom up.

OPL’s goal is the building of a modern government based on the reinforcement of the Country’s institutions, the promotion of a democratic regime based on the respect of laws. This modern government will lead the country toward an economic development based on decentralization of public services and de-concentration of economic activities while it will foster the national aspirations of all Haitians for progress.

OPL’s leaders and militants are firmly committed to building a strong Party, which will lead the Haitian Nation toward the needed victory which gives way to the re-foundation of the Nation-State and the rebuilding of a Haiti for all Haitians wherever they may reside.

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